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We focus all of our energy on making the best gaming experiences possible. We sweat the small stuff because we know it'll make the big things awesome - and because we love what we do!


Soul Flower

Basketball Flip

Archery Strike

Stickman UFB! Fighting

Basketball Dunker

Picto Word Game

Rolly Roll Vortex

Football Rolly Vortex!

Stickman Squad

Stickman Archery Warrior

Push Pop - Panda

About Us

  • Who are we?

    We are a bunch of passionate game lovers set out to make mobile-first games for masses. We believe that world class quality and delightful gameplay is the only way to win our users.

  • Our Mission!

    Our small team in Hyderabad, India - plus our freelancers across the globe - know that it's simple things that make a difference. So that's what we focus on when we're making our games - QQC : Quality , Quantity, Creativity.

  • Our Focus!

    Focusing on new themes of games and different form of gaming experience for customers, we at Code Master Studio, heading towards a new evolution in gaming industry. At Code Master Studio, we intend to squeeze our collective experience from building multiple #1 games on Mobile with creative new products and tools.

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    Plot No :515 B, Prajay Princeton Towers ,
    Saroor Nagar, L.B Nagar, Hyderabad,
    Telangana : 500035

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